Nonprofits & International Agencies

Co-creating healthy communities.

Evans Consulting believes in the power of mission-driven work to transform communities and the world.
From international agencies like The World Bank and The Global Fund, to local nonprofits, we know how to make big nonprofits do better at doing good. In fact, many of our staff members are former nonprofit professionals.

Our nonprofit clients include:

Case Study

A large institution enlisted the help of Evans Consulting to reengineer the work practices used to collect and analyze internationally comparable time-series data from over 180 countries – an error-prone and time consuming process that relied upon a rigid and outdated time-series system. Evans worked closely with department leaders and staff, and the institution’s human resources experts to deploy the reorganization efforts. Over the course of three projects and several years, Evans combined its human-centered implementation strategy with its technical expertise to improve the institution’s operational processes and provide a holistic and meaningful solution to its workforce needs.
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