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It's a Camera-Off Kinda Day

Part 2 of series: Camera On or Camera Off Authors: Tim Goin and Emad Elias, Evans Consulting By late afternoon each Thursday, Sarah has noticed that she feels drained. Sarah’s typical week involves back-to-back virtual meetings, mostly with […]
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Camera On or Camera Off? That is the Question.

Authors: Tim Goin and Emad Elias, Evans Consulting You are scheduled for a presentation-style virtual meeting with 20+ attendees. Or perhaps you are experiencing Zoom fatigue after attending back-to-back virtual meetings. Whatever the situation, we have all contemplated, […]
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Recalibration: a reflection on the year in progress

by Jessica Zucal, Sr. Principal, Change & Transformation It’s mid-August and I find myself asking where the year has gone while also being aware that after Labor Day, the rest of the year seems to […]
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INFOGRAPHIC: Do's & Don'ts for Leaders in Preparing for Hybrid Workplace

For more tips, download our full thought paper: "Do's and Don'ts for Leaders When Preparing for a Hybrid Workplace"
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Authors: Tim Goin and Emad Elias, Evans Consulting As businesses anticipate a return to some pre-pandemic work behaviors, organizational leaders are preparing for a “new normal” with a hybrid workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many […]
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New PARAS Guide Helps Airports Improve Security

Looking for standardized root cause analysis (RCA) guidance to tackle the complexities of airport security? Evans is proud to have partnered with the Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS), Analytic Services, Inc., and […]
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This Holiday Season, Evans Consulting is Grateful for Civil Servants

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. We have been stymied by a pandemic, distracted by an election, inspired by calls for racial justice, and grief-stricken by the loss of more than 250,000 […]
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Say What Now? The Six Elements of Effective Communications and Public Relations for Organizations

Nikki Jedlicka, Senior Consultant, Evans Consulting The rampant circulation of misinformation in today’s digital age makes effective communication more important than ever, both internally with your employees and externally with your clients and stakeholders. Effective […]
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