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Our human-centered approach puts people at the center of change. We partner with our clients to co-create solutions that work for the way people work, live, and thrive. By bridging technological implementation with organizational efficiency, our work allows healthy organizations and healthy communities to scale their impact around the world.
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Evans Consulting has a human-centered approach to everything we do, often embedding consultants in organizations so that you have a true partner as you guide your organization through uncertainty to transformation.
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“The Evans team was quick to understand the problem and its causes. It rapidly produced practical, prioritized recommendations. Their products were very high quality and what impressed us was the speed with which the team managed to understand the dimensions of this incredibly complex, large project. The ability to absorb an enormous amount of information in a short time and provide good concrete advice was exemplary.”
Program Manager of a private international development firm based in Washington, D.C.
“ The Evans team has been phenomenal – primarily due to the team’s ability to build solid relationships with industry partners. We have appreciated Evans’ proactive approach to engagement, bringing solutions, and ideas – vs waiting for the next direction. This is in stark contrast with the typical approach we have experienced with other firm, which rarely take a long-term view towards planning or problem solving.”
Program Manager of government agency responsible for aviation safety based in Washington, D.C.
“We have been extremely impressed with the Evans’ team support for our program – a high visibility cross-agency program. We asked for Evans’ help and they delivered a framework for governance –briefings, templates for Memorandum of Agreement, and effective facilitation across contentious, passionate stakeholders. We appreciate how Evans can bring impartial advice/support to high-visibility groups. Evans is our go-to resource – we appreciate how they deliver over a wide range of needs (e.g., facilitation, org design, risk, BPR). We are confident they will deliver consistently.”
Program Manager of government agency responsible for aviation safety based in Washington, D.C.

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